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Digital Meter DC 0-200V 9 in 1 LCD DC Voltage Current Power Energy Detector Ampere Shunt Voltmeter Ammeter Max. 300 Amp.

Digital Meter DC 0-200V 9 in 1 LCD DC Voltage Current Power Energy Detector Ampere Shunt Voltmeter Ammeter Max. 300 Amp.

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This meter is mainly used to test all kinds of battery's voltage, discharge current, discharge power, discharge impedance, internal resistance, capacity, dump energy, energy consumption and running time, and display the measurement data through LCD screen.

320200015: Measuring Range 300A (use external shunt, can matched with 50A, 100A, 200A, 300A four kinds of shunt).

About this item

  • 9 in 1 Measurement Functions : One interface displays 9 kinds of measurement parameters at the same time, including Voltage(0-200V), Current(0-300A can set from menu), Power(0-20000W), Impedance( 0-1000Ω), Internal Resistance(0-999mΩ), Capacity(0-1000AH), SOC, Energy Consumption(0-9999kWh) and Running Time(0-999h)
  • Better Visual Experience : LCD HD display, 360° viewing without dead angle, with backlight function, it is clearly visible whatever day or night
  • No Screw Installation : With the installation design of the push-on terminal, it is easy and convenient to install and remove the wires without the screws
  • Accurate Measurement : High precision chip control, efficient and stable operation, safe and reliable welding process, measurement accuracy reaches 1%
  • Wide Application : Wildly used in the automobile, solar system, industrial assembly line, etc.

Product description

Size:With 300A Shunt (or 50A, 100A, 200A)

AUTENS Multifunction Battery Monitor Meter

  • Voltage

Measure range: 0-200V

Display: <10V, display 9.99V; <100V, display 99.9V; 100V, display 199V

Min.Resolution: 0.01V

Start test voltage: 0.05V

Accuracy: 1%

  • Current

Measure range: 0-300A.

Display: <1A, display 999mA; <10A, display 9.99A; <100A, display 99.9A; 100A, display 199A

Min.Resolution: 1mA

Start test current: 20mA

Accuracy: 1%

  • Power

Measure range: 0-60000W

Display: <10W, display 9.99W; <100W, display 99.9W; <1000W, display 999W; <10000W, display 9.99kW; 10000W, display 19.9kW

Min.Resolution: 0.01W

Start test power: 0.2W

Accuracy: 1%

  • Impedance: Impedance=voltage/current

Measure range: 0-1000Ω

Display: <100Ω, display 99.9Ω; 100Ω, display 999Ω

When over the range or current is 0 displayed "---".

Min.Resolution: 0.1Ω

Accuracy: 1%

  • Running time

Range: 0-999 hr(no load no time)

Display: 0:00:00-999:59


1. This module is suitable for indoor, please do not use outdoor

2. Applied load should not exceed the rated voltage, current.

3. Wiring order can't be wrong


1 * Battery Monitor Meter

1 * DC 300A Shunt (or other shunt you brought)

6 * Wire

1 * Instruction manual

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